The central focus, of course, was Vivian Sessoms, and what an amazing voice she possesses. She has a very wide range and remarkable control, from breathy whispers to a powerful roar. Every number is transformed into something new and very personal, particularly an unbelievable version of Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit. From Duke Ellington's composer/arranger, Billy Strayhorn, to pop music, she injects new life, emotional value, and excitement. ”

Barry Lenny • Broadway World

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Hailed by Rolling Stone and Billboard as an “exquisite” singer, Vivian Sessoms has performed all over the world with some of the biggest names in music. A wunderkind that got her start opening for Marvin Gaye at the age of 9, she's worked with legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Cher, Stevie Wonder and many others throughout the course of her multi-faceted career. Her new album LIFE, is her third studio effort and first foray into the realm of jazz, and if you're familiar with Vivian and her music, then you will be expecting a twist. How about a jazz record, served up with a side of funk, and beautifully garnished with lush orchestrations? Backed by a rotating lineup of all-star musicians, her first record in several years explores "How we as humans can come together to make a difference. I just know that when I hear a song I love, it takes me someplace beautiful, music has that power. I hope this music will inspire that.”

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Her new album is ‘LIFE’ with brilliant new arrangements on classic songs and standards”. 

GINA LOVES JAZZ - Matthias Kirsch
"Her fresh take on “Lush Life” is another amazing add to this collection – it is easily the best version of the Billy Strayhorn classic I’ve heard since Donna Summer‘s Quincy Jones-produced interpretation from 1982. Here again, many singers would have struggled with the word “too” which Vivian easily bends and stretches and floats around with, with Rhodes and brass/string arrangements just adding a lot of urgency and immediacy, turning the outro into something highly mesmerizing."

“And Sentimental breezes by with a slightly bossa nova-ish, '60s French movie feel and features an exquisite vocal by Vivian Sessoms”.

"On this album, Sessoms' clear, exquisite voice (which has backed Patti Austin, P-Diddy and Rob Thomas) shimmers against a percolating R&B/jazz backdrop".

URBAN NETWORK - A Scott Galloway
"Finally bowing as artists in their own right, the team took their sweet time to craft a profoundly impressive debut, crafting a project so polished yet effortless sounding, it's as if it bonds to your DNA and defies you to stop playing it. As addictive as Pinkberry, Sunny One Day is a fortified confection of spell-casting tracks and layered vocals laced through universally relatable musings and snapshots of love and life." - Eric Pozza
"Vivian led with dynamics that would turn on a coin, powered then pp. Sometimes you feel delirious with the strength of the emotions; not once I felt goosebumps. Totally apt with demanding masterpieces like Billy Strayhorn and political paens like Nina Simone and Billy Holiday's racial lament for all time. The voice of '60s R&B and beyond: cultured and resolute, too often knowing and forlorn, and the essence of internationalised American popular music. Worthy of the big stage; available in intimacy. This is what we chase, these precious moments available if you keep your eyes open to passing opportunities. Fabulous."

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"Entertaining people only scratches the surface of what Music is really about. It can express or convey a multitude of things, in as many different ways, depending on the individual artist. But at its heart it is also a way to tell a story. Each of us has a very unique story to tell.. But we don't all have a platform with which to tell it. I think this is why the whole world is inexplicably drawn to Music. Music inspires people, it heals, it provokes, it is one of the great equalizers. It can move people in the most incredible ways. Music speaks FOR all of us, just as it speaks TO all of us." - Vivian 

Over the course of her career, Sessoms has recorded with Michael Jackson, Cher, and Rob Thomas; performed live with Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Joe Cocker, Pink, and P. Diddy to name a few; and graced the stages of landmark venues in over 60 different countries across the globe, including Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She’s recorded jingles for Adidas, Burger King, Calvin Klein, Coca Cola, and Hershey’s; written for film & television, and made appearances on several international and national television shows such as The Tonight Show, The Today Show, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres, The View, and Numerous others. Not only is she a seasoned performer, she can deliver a song in English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Japanese.

-A jazz vocal clinic, with an emphasis on jazz performance, stage command, working with a band, vocal technique, & styling. 
-A discussion of experiences within the music industry.
-Performances throughout the clinic (staff musician(s) to accompany)
-An interactive vocal session involving the students with musicians followed by a Q&A session.

*All performance levels are welcome

"One of the most memorable things my mother ever said to me was "Music can change the world, or at least that's what we believed when I was a kid." I'm trying to live by those words"