Photos courtesy of Chip Williford (more in the photo section). Hey everybody, Just wanna take this time to say how much it meant to us to see all your beautiful faces in tha' house last Tuesday evening! It was just an incredible turnout and there was sooo much love in the room, I can't even tell you!! We had a ball, and you guys were right there with us tearin' it down :) The band was in awesome form (which is why I adore them) and even the newcomers Meku (percussion), Yatta Beasley (trumpet) & Keith Loftis (sax) were killing it dead! So many of you wrote e-mails, posted comments and took photos, btw, I wanna give a special thank you to Chip Williford, & Michael Cuthberston for the awesome photographs. You guys made the evening a smash and we just want to say thank you. We love you guys, you're the best. If you missed it, hang tight, 'cause we're doing it again in September with another show for the official release of the cd. Below is a review by our buddy Tom Paul (thanks Tom, *check his website, Chris is co-producing his new cd), who was at the show on Tuesday. In other news, I just arrived here on the Pink tour (joinin' Jenny) and I can already tell it's gonna be a blast! The band is incredible, AND they're really nice too (which is hard to find) plus the music is slamming and P!nk is mad cool, very down to earth. Signing off now.. but before I go, thank you to all of you once again for showing your love and support. 'til we see you again, be good to one another.. keep supporting indie music.. thanks for reading. peace v _______________________________________________________________ Y'All, Last night I saw Vivian Sessoms and Chris Parks new band 'Albright' at The Village Underground and the show was off tha hook!!! If you were not there, then Yes U missed it big time. I wished everyone who knew Vivian and Chris were up in the room to see this show. First of all the room was packed just like you'd want for your CD Release Party with their fans who came out in love and support of the new CD 'Sunny One Day' from all around the Northeast. Sherrod Barnes opened up with a great set of songs, killin' guitar playing and gritty vocals backed by the Albright band. The band: Chris Parks: Bass/MD Sherrod Barnes - Guitar Eric Brown - Drums Meku - Percussion Casey Benjamin - Keys Kenyatta Beasley - Trumpet Keith Loftis - Tenor Sax When Vivian took the stage she was joined by background vocalists Keith Fluitt, Keesha Gumbs, and Darius Booker doing an accapella version of Back To Life from Soul II Soul which had the whole room up in a deep lather. The band then dropped some of the nastiest funk out of a rhythm section I've heard in a long time with crafty backup vocal arrangements on "Tainted", "Dunno' know", "Searchin", & "Ghettoland." All the while Vivian sang like it was her last show on Earth. She put her whole style, personna, and vocal expertise out there on a rope and served it up to the audience song after song for an hour and half, with hoots and holla's from the many heavy backup singers in audience urging Vivian on..."Sang Vivian!!! You know what...she did...Viv brought the house down on several occasions throughout this amazing evening of music. There were some amazing arrangements of cover songs that got the audience excited over the classic tunes. The first full band cover was the Curtis Mayfield gem "Move On Up", followed by Alice Smith's "Woodstock" (amazing CD go buy it...now!!!), then a stripped down version of Sheryl Crow's "Stong Enough" and closing out the eve with a cover of my favorite version of "Stop On By" written by Bobby Womack, which Rufus featuring Chaka Khan made famous. Keith Fluitt on backing vocals nailed the Tony Maiden (Rufus) like harmonies just as if it was Rufus droppin' the funk up in the spot. The band played their asses off song after song, they were tight and were taking amazing solo's throughout the evening. The most memorable was by the fine percussionist Meku on "Move On Up" and Tenor Saxist Keith Loftis on "Stop On By", which Vivian called him over to the center of the stage and proceeded to sing Jazz standard melodies one after the other over the killin' groove. This brought the audience to their feet as Sessoms was scatting her ass off trading licks with Loftis as the band grooved deep. For me the most beautiful moment of the evening was Vivian singing a song she professed she wrote about her husband Chris called "Love can turn you around". I wish every singer could have been there to hear how she delivered this song with such passion and depth of soul. I think after that song everyone was feelin' the love that needs to transcend within all of us on a daily basis. As usual Albright left us wanting more, more, more, but until the next show we will all have to wait. Soooooo...the next time Albright is playin' get yo ass down to the show. If you were there, I'm glad we all took in that Experience, 'cos it was something else. Peace and One Love, Tom Paul