welcome to the world of abrightmusic.

There's lots to see here, so kick back & stay a while. For instance, if you go to dates, you'll be able to see what Chris and I are up to on a weekly basis, if we're playing anywhere and who with. In news, you can get the all the info on our latest projects, who we're writing with or producing, any press. In case you didn't know, Chris and I have been working on a record for the last 3 years and finally it's ALMOST finished. We're so proud of this offering and hope all our friends, old and new, will go out and buy it (in a few months if you click on buy, you'll be able to purchase your very own albright cd right from home). This music is a departure for us artistically, but we felt like it was time for a change and the change feels right. It's soulful, it's bluesy, there's an experimental feel to some of it, in that we played with a lot of elements, though overall it is a soul/r&b record, or maybe it's a jazz/hip hop record, I don't know. It just has a warm, laid back, ride in your car feel to it. We hope you like it! For all my VIVID people, there's something on the cd for you too, but hang tight cuz' we'll definitely be doing more rock stuff in the future. Also, since so many of you ask if there is a VIVID cd and there isn't one yet (sorry), there are a few VIVID tracks in the music section, along with some other goodies we think you'll like so be sure & check it out. Stop back often, cuz' we're busy at work on lots of things and have so much exciting stuff lined up. One of the things we'll be working on is a cd for Jenny. Those of you who know me surely know Jenny Douglas-McRae, as we are practically one anothers shadow. Jenny is an amazing singer-songwriter whom we hope to start work with early next year. For those of you who don't know her, she's worked with Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker, and Glenn Lewis to name just a few. Chris has started work on his solo offering as well and knowing Chris that'll be a real eclectic mish-mosh of rock/hip-hop/electronica Just about everyone we know is talented and I mean EVERYONE, so if you're looking for an outlet reach out to us. We're usually in the middle of 3 or 4 projects at a time and always need a good song, a good lyric, or just a plain old good idea. It really is amazing what the internet allows people to do! It gives all of us who normally wouldn't have a way to reach people, an outlet and a voice! Thanks for checkin' in, PEACE&LOVE;