So vibrant
So beautiful
Those golden days
When you were my whole world

A time when I was loved so completely without thought or understanding from me
Just beautiful sunshine and bright clean snow and italian ices and bowling and the drive in movie
Your warmth and love surrounding me
Matching dresses, me with hands on my hips standing on a table reciting nursery rhymes

Kisses and Hersheys chocolates and rummaging through your pocket books that smelled of chewing gum, tobacco and your perfume Me trying to play your giant guitar, you singing to me, me walking around the house in your shoes, you reading to me anytime but bedtime
The park, the summers, the open fire hydrant
Christmas time, birthday parties
Pancakes for breakfast and home made rolls on Sundays
The Blaupunkt stereo playing in the living room
Learning to write my name at the kitchen table

I wonder what you would think of this world now 
Would it make you happy or sad?
I can make it through the day without falling down now
I have someone who loves me thoroughly, he can't live without me
I can string several days together without thinking about it
But every now and then.. 
I miss you so much it breaks my heart in 2