The Village Underground Show

ok, first things first.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! hey everybody, viv here sending out a tremendous thanx to everyone who came out to the village underground last thursday!!! it was our best crowd yet and that is most definitely thanks to all of you, so thank you, thank you, thank you! i was a little nervous about everything going smoothly but i have to say everything went off without a hitch. sherrod barnes opened for us and judging from your comments and e-mails he won all of you over just like i knew he would. what a wonderful musician, and all around guy, we truly love him. he said he'd never performed his own show before but you would never have been able to tell that. to put it simply, he amazed everyone, and believe me, you will see him with us again very soon! as for our show, we started out with "oh baby" and the night sped off from there!! we coverd a lot of ground, talked about a lot, and made a lot of music. so many of our good friends, family, and people we admire were there to support which made the night very special indeed. we had people from as far as australia, and florida. there was a lot of hugging and picture taking afterwards (val, i looked for you but you disappeared), catching up with friends we don't see enough of, making new friends, etc. i wanna give a special thanks to limited tyme p.r. (((shirl&abby;))), bella starr (shae-muah), my buddies tom p., mike c., noam d., & cisco for the use of their e-mail lists & for helping to spread the word. i also wanna give a shout out to my boy marshall who has been hanging around since the "vivid" days (our first band) and never waits to chat after, he just glides in & glides out after, lol (you're a doll)... i also wanna thank dawn waski for the beautiful pics of the rt tour posted in the photo gallery. SO... if you didn't make it out this time, don't fret, we've got more shows coming up soon. the first one is: Friday, September 1st, 2006 @ The Blue Note 12 Midnite 131 West 3rd Street NYC, NY 10012 Price: $12.00 the bluenote, as you can imagine is a big deal for us and we really want to fill the place up, so mark your calendars, set your bberries & get ready 'cause we're gonna add a bunch of new songs and we'll be smokin' by then!! we've got all kinds of stuff in the works, so stay tuned and once again, thanks for helping us make thursday our best night yet!! lots of love & remember to keep supporting independent music!! bye for now ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~