The Latest..

Ok... so sometimes we get a little bored over here seeing the same old thing.. then again, we've got a good reason to change up our outfit, chris has got himself a new bio, so go check it out and read all about him. by the way, i owe you all a write-up on the bluenote, i haven't forgotten. back in a jif with that. the cover art you see above is the cd cover for my friend tim reis' latest work "the stones project" which is a refreshing and lovely re-working of some classic rolling stones tunes (with whom he is also currently touring as saxophonist). the album features norah jones, sheryl crow, lisa fisher and a few of the stones pitching in their efforts to make this a real gem. i've been performing these songs with tim over the last year and in fact we played the Iridium Jazz Club last week. i've had a splendid time meeting all the brilliant musicians tim keeps company with. whether you're a stones fan or not, i promise you will love this cd so treat yourselves to something new when you get a chance, and be sure to check out his site. that's all for now.. thanks for reading :)