The Jazz Standard Review

Hey people, Just wanted to take time to thank you all for coming out to the Jazz Standard last Monday night. It was such a pleasure and we really had a blast. So far the best crowd yet! I didn't know what to expect presenting this new material which is so different from Albright but you guys put me right at ease, and I have to add that I had the most stellar band ever!! So many people were asking for cd's after the show, we promise they're coming soon so hang in there with us, we're really close. :) If you didn't make it to the show there's a review posted below by our buddy Marshall Shephardson (Thanks Marshall <3) Also, stay tuned next month for a couple shows we have in store starting with Chris and myself doing an acoustic set at Rockwood Music Hall on November 2nd where I'll be opening for Julian Velard. In case you don't remember, Julian's the guy that sang with me last week at the Standard, where so many of you raved about his voice. We'll follow that up with an Albright show at the Cutting Room on November 17th, where we will again be opening for the ever soulful Marlon Saunders and have as a special guest Sherrod Barnes. Again, thank you all so much for coming out & supporting us, it was truly awesome to see so many friendly faces in the crowd. See you soon, and keep supporting independent music.. Peace Vivian 'AS A TESTAMENT TO HER UNFETTERED AMBITION..' The solo performance of Vivian Sessoms at The Jazz Standard on October 2 was a perfect testament to her unfettered ambition. While we all still salivate over the ever-postponed release of her (still!) forthcoming Sunny One Day, Vivian is already promoting that album’s follow-up: Sundown. And if the two sets at the Jazz Standard accurately predicted the timbre of Sundown, it’ll be a more acoustic, more contemplative companion to the funky groove of Sunny One Day. Each set featured a mix of covers and originals, but Vivian as always made every song her own, turning the entire songlist into something exciting & novel. Most memorably, Vivian’s honey-slow take on the Beach Boys’ 'God Only Knows' and sweeping space-age exploration of Allison Krauss’ 'You Will Be Mine Ain' True Love' each would doubtless have brought a tear to its composer’s eye to see how wonderfully their brainchild had grown up since setting off into the world. But no less rich and mature were Vivian’s newly-minted compositions, which are still waiting to be set free into the hearts of another generation of creative listeners…(hint, hint) And the players were as varied and dynamic as the songs: Chris Parks, this time on guitar, seamlessly alternated between crisp acoustic plucking and slick electric sizzle; multi-stringer Matt Beck let fly with woozy lap-steel and glittering mandolin solos; Misha Tsiganov’s piano and keyboards traversed the entire terrain from tinkly trills to lush cascades, usually over the course of one song; Eric brown crisply shuffled and marched on the skins; and Carlos Henderson’s work on both stand-up and electric bass was consistently solo-worthy…no matter who was soloing. Finally, Julian Velard stepped in to contribute deft back-up vocals and to join Vivian for some stirring duets. In the middle of it all, Vivian’s voice and presence served to draw together and focus each element into one pure musical message. She was clearly as humbled by the sterling musicianship surrounding her as she was proud that her vision had brought it all together. (Eric Browns' band)