The Cutting Room

Viv & Keith Fluitt belting out their version of 'Stop On By' by Rufus & Chaka.. Hey People, Hope your holiday was wonderful and you're all recovering nicely from the extra turkey and pumpkin pie ya couldn't pass up :) I gained a few pounds myself so I'm sitting here dreaming about the gym, haha.. Dreaming, I say... Just wanna take a moment to thank you all for showing your love and support by coming out to the Cutting Room last week! As promised it was a killing show, in fact one of our best! We've never gotten so many e-mails before from people saying how much they enjoyed the show! Needless to say we had a ball and you guys all made it so, so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! We wanna give a special thanks to Marlon Saunders and his crew (Arif, Biti, & Joe) for doing their thang, and to his manager Michael Dumas, who was so awesome throughout. Also wanna thank designer Leon Greene for the fabulous red lace dress I had on that evening, and photographer Arnold Gadson for wonderful photos he took (stop by the photo gallery & and take a look), and my buddy Tom Paul for promoting and handling the mailing list (you're awesome). Can I just take a moment to talk about my new band?? Can I?? 'Cause they are truly OFF THA' CHAIN!! Sherrod Barnes Eric Brown Casey Benjamin Chris Parks Queen Aaminah Keith Fluitt & Darius Booker Have you ever heard of a band that has so much fun playing together, that when you try ending a song they keep right on playing!! Have you? Every one of 'em big uppin' each other and having a ball, lol.. They're really something else.. Sooo damn funky the only word that comes to mind is EXPLOSIVE!! Anyhoo, we've got a lot of exciting stuff we wanna' tell you about coming soon. The cd release, which is getting really close (we're making plans for it now), & we'll be sending out an e-mail shortly. Also, our last gig of the year, and some dates in early January, after which we'll be taking a short break to tie up all the loose ends with the cd. We'll be playing at Rockwood Music Hall next month on December 15th, where Chris and I will be doing an acoustic set. We were scheduled to be at The Canal Room in December too, but that date got postponed 'til February so keep checking back on our site for that info. Lastly, I'll be opening for my buddy Julian Velard (remember him? he played with me at the Jazz Standard last month) for a little mini tour doing more acoustic sets which is a totally new thing for me. I love doing the acoustic thing 'cause you can really stretch out and get into the music on a more intimate level. These dates will be sometime in the beginning of January. So stay tuned and thank you again for all your love and support throughout the year. Lots of love & remember to keep supporting independent music! Happy Holidays....fa la la lah V&C