The Big News..

Alas.... It is time to announce.. Finally.. The cd is here, almost.. Just kidding, :) Seriously though, here's what's going on. Albright is having a listening party for 'Sunny One Day', June 19th at The Village Underground where we will also do a live performance. If you haven't seen us play live before, this is your chance 'cause it will be one of our only shows this year. We WILL have advance cd's for sale (YAAYYYYY!!) but you better come early if you wanna get one 'cause we won't have a whole lot and thats for real! Now let me clue you guys in on all that's been happening with us. Btw, sorry I've been so bad about keeping you guys up to snuff with latest, it's been kinda hectic around here.. So we wrapped up the 'Sunny' cd and were in the midst of mixing it when I got a few interesting calls. One, from my friend Mads Baerentzen from Denmark to do a tour in the fall. You might remember me talking about Mads, I did 5 songs with Mads & his trio on their latest cd 'The New York Project'. The next was from Chris Botti (jazz trumpeter) to do some dates, which I did write about a few weeks back (see? I haven't been so bad), and the last call was from Pinks management to tour this summer (with Jenny, yayyy!). Naturally they needed me to come out a few months BEFORE the release date was originally planned. This meant we had to move everything up and go into warp speed, however, did I mention we just hired 2 incredible PR people? Yeah, we're pretty fancy.. (in our minds anyway). Glenn Miller from Coup De Grace PR & Katrina Boswell from Kat Walk Media Inc. Glenn concentrates on local media, college media & radio, and the internet. Katrina concentrates on national & international media (ps shout out to my girls Kateria, Abby, Shirlise & Sussan for all the extra pr work, graphic design, etc). Anyway, our PR people wanna do it up big for us and that means really getting the promo buzz circulating so they requested that we push the release date back to give them time to promote, promote, promote, Which means THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE IS SEPTEMBER 10, 2007. However, since I'm leaving to go on the road for the rest of the year, we figured we'd do a little something to catch up with all of you, give you a slammin' ass show, leak a few cd's and just strut our stuff one good time before I hit the road! We reasoned that since we'll pretty much be doing one show (maybe one more later this year, still working it out) we should at least leave you guys with some music to remeber us by, right? So, like I said, if you wanna get your copy of 'Sunny', we'll see you on June 19th. More News... On another note, we're just finishing up the follow up cd 'Sundown' and I will say this much, it has far surpassed any expectations I had when we started it. The musicianship, the comraderie all come through in the music. We're ecstatic about the whole thing. We're going to shop it to a few labels so keep your fingers crossed and we'll keep you posted. There's so much more we wanna' tell you guys, like how we're gonna be featuerd on's Artist To Watch in September and lots of other good stuff, but for now I think I'll save some for later. Be back with more news soon, Thanks for reading.. Peace&Love