The Beauty Of The Lanscape..

mary_bob3_cropped (My accountant Bob and me.. Photo courtesy of Mary Crane, Bobs wife) For some reason each time I visit Canada, it always reminds me of the 60's or 70's.. Like the US, but like I remember it as a little girl.. There's just something about it that takes me back to a time... Sometimes it reminds me of France a little.. Hearing people speaking french in the French-Canadian regions.. Sometimes it even reminds me of Australia with the Provinces and all that.. But mostly it reminds me of the US about 30 years ago.. Obviously, it is a lot like the United States because of the close proximity to us and the ability to observe, learn, and borrow so easily from one another.. Being our neighbors and allies we're able to go back and forth extremely easily.. Gonna pause for a bit, I'm about to watch a movie. So on a sidenote, I saw a great french film called Micmacs.. It's adorable! Go see it, great cast, funny, sweet.. You'll love it. You won't even mind reading the subtitles, promise.. Back to Canada, whenever I visit, I always find that I see so many things that remind of being a little girl, mostly products (I saw a can of Tab cola today, when is the last time you saw one of those?), TV programs, old buildings.. Remember when there use to be a red fire alarm stand on every street corner in the US? I don't know if I'm saying Canada is behind because it does seem very modern, it seems to have every comfort we're used to at home. In fact, compared to a lot of places I've traveled to, it is one of the closest to the US in having technological modernization available to all with the exception of Germany, Switzerland and Japan, I think (some other smaller European countries should be included in that as well).. And yet, there is something a little old fashioned about the place and I don't mean that in a bad way.. It's something to do with the people.. They are very kind, they're interested.. The pace of life seems slower.. Even in the fast paced cities.. I don't know... Maybe I'm talking out of my ass but it really reminds me of when I was a little girl.. . I not saying people dont care in the states, not at all.. but I don't know.. It just feels sometimes as though we've become so inundated with information and technology and 9/11 and the war and Katrina and the BP oil spill.. Presidents getting impeached and accused of cheating.. And everything in between.. You just become immune after a while... numb.. It doesn't feel like that here.. This country is big as hell and yet, everywhere you go, feels like a small town.. I'm not that up to date with Canadian politics and I know no one person, or place is perfect, so I'm sure Canada has had it share of scandals and disasters just like us.. But hey.. they've got healthcare too.. This isn't an argument for or against Canada.. And it certainly isn't a comparison by any means.. Or at least, not meant to be.. Its just my own little observation. But there is something very lovely and quiet and quaint about Canada that feels warm and familiar to me.. And it makes me smile