Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

Flyer_for_Vivian.jpg_resized Come out and celebrate with us! It's SUMMERTIME!! First off, I've got some new digs.. I'm doing Sunday Brunch at a new place called O'Hara's Grill in downtown Jersey City - June 12th - featuring Miss Rosalyn McClore on piano June 19th - featuring Chris Parks on guitar & June 26th - featuring Chris Parks on guitar. Then Thursday night, June 23rd - Rock and Soul jam at O'Hara's featuring Chris Parks on bass and Maurice Watson on drums, with special guest Mark Dollar on guitar. ejam.jpeg_resized Then come on across the water Friday night, June 24th and catch me up in Harlem at Billie's Black for their anniversary party with a fabulous list of performers including: Ra Re Valverde Kimberly Nicole Gloria Ry'ann Mika Adina Nyree Mike Hammond Lorenda Robinson Russell Taylor Abby Dobson Chester Gregory Kevin Anthony & Darius Booker You REALLY don't want to miss this! TheDarby.jpeg Lastly, you can catch me a few nights a week at The Darby (244 West 14th St. Bet'n 8th & 9th Ave), formerly known as Nell's, with the magnificent Ron Grant and Kimberly Davis, and with a who's who of musicians and singers stopping by to round out the evening. When I tell you I know a place and WE WILL TAKE YOU THERE, I am NOT playing. If you're ready, come go with me.. June came in with a bang and it's gonna be hot and heavy y'all!! Have a great summer babies! Photo_on_2010-11-16_at_23_08__2.jpg