News Update..

Hey everbody, Viv here with the latest happenings. First, did I mention that I did bv's for Rob Thomas on a single for the up coming Disney movie 'Meet The Robinson's'? I think it's gonna' be released this summer so watch out for it. We had a blast, Frankie (for those of you who don't know Frankie, he's the guitarist in Rob's band) drove down from philly, we had lots of japanese, and good wine. It was a party as a always. Next up, Chris and I wanna' thank everyone who came out to the Julian Velard extravaganza. He was absolutely amazing in every way AND he sang his ass off. I just love him to bits, he had some suit types down to check out his show and I think he really knocked them out, so outstanding all around. His audience was so warm and receptive to Chris and I as the opening act, really wonderful, thanks again Jules. To find out more about that show keep reading, there's a review at the end of this blog posted by our good buddy Marshall (Thanks Marshall). BTW, if you haven't already, be sure to pick up the latest Amel Larrieux cd 'Morning', Chris is all over that little gem on guitar. Lastly, I posted a bunch of video clips on Youtube last month, and we're getting a lot of hits on them. I have some posted here in the music section too, so stop by and have a look. Some of them are a little jumpy, but we're learning as we go, they'll get better, we promise. We're gonna shoot a high end video this summer, we'll keep you posted on that. Last but not least...(drumroll please!) It's coming, sooner than you think, 'SUNNY ONE DAY'!!! We'll be mixing in less than a month. Stay tuned.. Thanks for reading Artists: Julian Velard / Vivian Sessoms Performance: February 22, 2007 at Joe's Pub, New York, NY Written by Marshall Shephardson. Fully bedecked in faux-'60s regalia (complete with pomade-aided coiffure-quash), and backed up by his gang of none-too-rough-looking henchmen, Julian Velard rolled into Joe's Pub on Thursday to annex it to his turf, once and for all. With a one-two combo of powerhouse sets, he knocked out a gang off geezers eyein' him at seven, and an uppity crowd of wiseguys who tested him at ten. Looking (almost) as cool as the giant likeness of Steve McQueen floating above and the theater-lobby stand-up James Dean on stage left, Velard floored everyone in his path. His moves were roundly spectacular. "Little Demons" had equal punch in its spare, solo form as it did in its racing, full-band version. "Joni" and "Gonna Do It Alone" were sterling-perfect in both sets. And, of course, "Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen" bumped humongously—especially in the first set, where it concluded with a funktastic breakdown outro. Plus, each performance was sprinkled with unique surprises, like the first set's "Darker Shade of Love" (one of the best lyrics/song titles I've ever heard) and the second set's fan-commanded "Way You Make Me Feel." The most pleasing of the night's surprises was the level of presence by Mr. Velard's beautiful frequent collaborator, Vivian Sessoms, who sang several duets with the bandleader, as well as the oh-so-crucial backup parts in songs like "Joni." In between Julian's shows, Vivian also did a solo set, accompanied only by her other half, Chris Parks, on guitar. As usual, she spent equal time plugging other artists (giving instant interpretations of their newest work) and showing off her own tunes, including "Don't Go," which would be devastatingly heartbreaking if the words weren't couched in such an irresistibly fun Sesame Street bounce. She ended her brief time in the spotlight with the absolutely precious "Heart," the unmistakable Parks/Sessoms classic. It's one of those songs that you feel you've known your whole life the first time you hear it, and as soon as it's over you want to hear it again. Peace&Luv V