News from Albright..

Hello, Hello, Hello to one and all! Hope this holiday season finds you well and ringing in the festivities nicely. I know it's early but I always think of the holiday season as starting with Halloween and moving right on up through my mom & dads b'day's & Thanksgiving to Xmas, maybe 'cause I'm a Christmas baby ;-).. By the way, thats my mami up above.. (so beautiful). Before I go any further, I'd really like to share something with you guys.. This has been an incredible year for both Chris and myself with the release of the cd, among other things. There have been many ups and honestly there have been a few downs too.. Times when we wondered if we were crazy to attempt releasing our own cd.. We've had to learn an incredible amount in a very short time, we've met some really wonderful and caring people along the way, made some blunders, learned how to step up our game and why we even needed to do that, and kept up a continuous hustle and flow the whole time. All the while, we've been aided, abetted and supported by some of the most talented and creative people within our industry, some of whom have dedicated themselves specifically to the Soul Music genre and scene. -We've had the chance to work with Chris Rizik of Soul Tracks who has been nothing short of spectacular and extremely supportive to us throughout the release of our cd.. -We met the lovely ladies of ONUTSS, Pam & Detrel, who hosted a listening party for us as well as the ever so talented JUA.. -We had the opportunity to be interviewed and reviewed by Chris Whaley of SOBO Magazine, who is also so supportive and just all around good people.. -We met Kevin Harewood, who, among other things, does a monthly newsletter called the ORANGE SOUL SHEET which is distributed amongst the 1000's of retailers across the US discussing all the new music being released each month, and what store owners should be on the lookout for.. -There's Teddy Crockett, manager of Alison Crockett, Black-I, Nick Rolphe and HEAvy, who has so generously shared his circle of friends and opened so many doors for us. -In London, we met Tunji Adebowale who just worked miracles for us, also Greg aka Son Of Soul and, Dave W, all 3, just great guys, from STARPOINT RADIO who have been giving the cd a lot of love. -There's Katrina Boswell and Kateria Niambi who have been working their publicity magic on our behalf. -There's also Alex Vitoulis, Christina Tunzi & the rest of the crew over at Billboard Magazine, who had us as guests on their show. -Derek, Michelle & all the guys at CDBaby who are always so wonderful and supportive no matter how many silly questions we ask. -All our family over at the Village Underground, and our buddy Marshall, whom we love dearly, and a whole host of other folks really just too numerous to mention. I say all this to say that the music industry has changed in the past few years, and for the absolute better where independent music is concerned. The people I mention above are just a few of the people who are helping to implement these changes and I, like hundreds of other indie artists, are indebted to these folks and others like them for supporting and believing in this music, and the artists that create it. I know a lot of you may not have heard of all these people but we want to say Thank You to all those who have shown us so much love and support over the past year and have had a hand in helping us to get our music heard. We are, and will always be forever grateful.. Now for the latest.. Lots & lots of news starting with this.. -I just wrapped up an amazing 3 week tour in Denmark with the Mads Baerentzen trio where we performed songs from the cd, The New York Project, which we recorded together in 2005 (I'm on 4 tracks) and was released last year. If you don't have it be sure to pick it up on CDBaby, as it really is a beautiful cd. Every show was sold out and the tour extremely well, so well in fact, that I've been invited back to do some festivals next summer and Mads' record company has asked that we do an entire cd together. We will probably begin recording that next year as well. After Denmark, Chris & I met up in ye' olde London Towne, where we've been promoting the cd, networking and catching up with friends, and you know, just making merry (Halloween, b;day parties, etc) -Chris and I did a taping of our first single, Dunno' What, along with an interview for Billboard Underground (Billboard Magazine) last month, and it just went up on their site a couple of days ago, so do go and check it out: -We've been nominated for a Soul Tracks Award, we're also #2 in the Soul Tracks Top 10 CD's of the month and we're number 5 in the Soul Tracks popularity index. -We have a few new reviews from Echoes Magazine (UK), Black Men Magazine, Dusty Groove America, & Soul Brother Records which you can check out here: We are getting played by the following radio & internet stations: Kazi Fm 88.7 (Austin) Starpoint Radio Camden Community Radio Afternoon Groove Radio The Unsigned Artist Show Project Vibe Radio Sound Rotation at We've been interviewed by Sobo Magazine (Chris Whaley) which I think will be available next month. We did a few radio interviews with Jez Bishop of Starpoint Radio & Wayne Boucaud of Camden Community Radio (this might be up in a few weeks). We also have another interview with New York Nights Online (DJ Gamal...) Check all the interviews out below: You can find Sunny One Day in the following stores and internet outlets: CDBaby Amazon itunes Soul Tracks Dr Wax - (Chicago) Dusty Groove - (Chicago) Soul Brother - (UK) Justin's Music - (Detroit) Moodie's Music - (White Plains, NY) Birdels - (Bkln, NY) Record City - (Pasaic, NJ) Nikki's Music - (Cleveland, OH) BK Music - (Richmond, VA) Kemp Mill Music - (DC) Within 2 to 3 weeks it will also be available in these stores as well: M&M Records (Tyler TX) Music Mania (Austin TX) Music Depot #1 (Houston) Serious Sounds (Houston) Orange Music (Orange NJ) Sound of Trenton (Trenton NJ) Armands (Philly) Music Box Record Shop (Philly) Sound of Market (Philly) Sound of Norristown (Norristown PA) Pearl’s Music (Detroit) Shantinique’s Music (Detroit) Aces Jams (Detroit) Ear Wax Records (Atlanta) Music Trader (San Diego) As you can see we've been busy the past few months, but we have lots more to come, and will definitely keep you posted so.. Stay tuned.. Thanks for reading.. peace&love viv&chris aka albright ..mama said music can change the world.. happy b'day mami.