This year marked a serious turning point for me.
I knew with the release of my first record a few years ago, putting it out on my own was going to be huge undertaking. I also knew I needed to learn a lot and fast.
In this digital age, I've see a great number of indie artists self release albums, a few do tremendously well. I think the key is realizing that releasing a CD, managing your own career, getting yourself booked in venues, all of it is a full time job. There are highs and of course, there are lows. I think it's safe to say in the beginning there are more lows than highs, and you're dedication and perseverance are severely tested on a regular basis, lol..
But little things and big things have kept me going along the way, booking a gig that took years to book (yes, sometimes it really does take that long :-)), getting a random note from someone saying how much your music/artistry has meant to them, watching my mailing list grow, having a fabulous show, working with musicians who literally take my breath away and inspire me to give them my best in return.. these are the things as an independent artist, that can really make your day.
But there is something in particular that has been the truest beacon of light to me, and that is discovering great music by other indie artists. It is incredibly empowering to see other indie artist's do well, to see them connecting with their audiences in new and unusual ways, and it is especially a treat when it's an artist I know & love. I watch, I learn, I get inspired, I feel encouraged.. I still live for music. There is nothing else I have ever wanted to do.. Watching these artists on their journeys have served as a reinforcement to me to stay on my path, often at times when I have felt like giving up.. I thank you..

Ani DiFranco
Amel Larrieux
Alice Smith
Nikka Costa
Rahsaan Patterson
Trina Broussard
Eric Roberson
Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley
Inaya Day
Kelli Sae
Sy Smith
Sandra St. Victor
Martha Redbone
Karen Bernod
Maya Acuzena
Kimberly Nicole
Kendra Ross
Julian Velard
Amma Whatt
Honey Larochelle
Beyoncé (this last album release was a coup d'état)
Betty Carter ( hmm.. Bet you didn't know she was the original indie artist, did ya'?)

Thanks for reading.. And remember..
Music can change the world.