Love, Music & Politics..

Love, Music & Politics. . Hey everybody.. Viv here with Albright updates.. So we're just getting warmed up on the P!nk promo tour! So far we've hit the UK (where I reconnected with my boy Julian Velard), Australia, Cananda, Germany, and Switzerland. We've done American Idol in Australia and the MTV awards in both the US & Australia. . This week the band will hit NY minus me though, as I am in Denmark doing shows with super talent and musical cohort Mads Baerentzen.. You might remember I did a short tour in Denmark with Mads last year around this time, and the year before, I was a guest on his cd 'The New York Project ( We played to a packed house last night and the venue expects double the crowd tonight.. Not too shabby I dare say, but I do wonder where they'll put all the people ;-) Anyways, just wanna' fill you guys in on all that's new with Albright. We've got 5 or 6 shows planned for December, two of which will be in NY. Since these will be two of our only shows in the Big Apple this year we're gonna' have a contest so you can win tickets and some very cool prizes but first, we're gonna' test your Albright knowledge so you might wanna' poke around the site a little and hone in on your Chris & Viv factoids. We'll keep you posted on the contest. Honestly, I can't wait to come home and do a live show.. I miss you guys. In other news.. we had a song placed in a movie a while back. It took some time but the movie is finally set to be released this fall.. It's called Moonlight Serenade and features a song we wrote and produced for jazz artist Khani Cole. The song is called 'Things You Do', and you can find the track on Khani Cole's album, Lifetime (itunes, Amazon). The movie features jazz organist Joey Defrancesco in the lead role and is about a composer who, after having writers block comes up with a melody for a love song and ours is the song he composes. The song actually winds up being used as a musical theme throughout the film. We owe a big thanks to Mike Florio, Joey Defrancesco and Khani Cole for making this happen. Stop by Khani's site for a visit and say hi.. ( Next up, Albright in AMC movie theatres across the US.. So many of you have written to say you saw or heard us while you were at the movies these past few months.. Well, we'll be back in theatres starting in November but this time we'll be in 10,000 theatres across the US featuring a new song from our album called 'Dunno What'. Look for us and be sure to drop us a line if you hear our song, that's how we know where we're playing and who's listening.. Moving right along.. Your girl Viv is in the movies!! Yep, little ole' me.. But if you blink you will definitely miss me so, you know... don't blink, or move or anything! Hahaha.. I wrote about this a few weeks back but the release date is near so check me out in Cadillac Records this December, starring Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union, Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def (loves him!), Cedric the Entertainer & Adrian Brody. The part is really tiny but hey, I'm in excellent company. I think I kind of like this acting thing, lol. Also in the works, a solo record from Chris P, which if you know Chris will be some outerspaceness for ya! He describes it as hip hop meets electronica meets fusion, so.... um.. you know, you'll just have to wait to hear what that combination equals but I can guarantee ya', it'll be a stone gas! In addition to his solo project, Chris is working with DJ and hip hop producer Twilite Tone (Common), and fixin' to mix U-God of Wu Tangs next disc. He's working on a track with producer Robin Danar, who produced a great album last year called Altered State and is also recording with Finish soul/pop artist Janita. I don't know how he keeps it all straight but go on Chris, go 'head, git' down! Last but not least, Albright has 2 new homes on the net.. the first one, Twitter ( is a cool place where you can subscribe to our feed and get up to the minute Albright blurbs about where we are, what's new and how the new record is coming (did I say that? 4 songs in.. shhhh ...) You'll definitely wanna' follow along over the next few months, there are lots of changes happening as we prepare to take over the world! And don't forget our other new home is on Facebook ( I have to admit, at first I didn't know what all the fuss was about. It's just another myspace or so I thought, but noooo ... it's so much more and I'm really digging it, hopefully you will too, so stop on byyy, you know you're welcome ;-) Well I think that' s about all the news fit to print, I guess we'll see you on the other side of the election, fingers crossed, prayers sent up.. Everything's in motion now.. Darlings, please don't forget to vote! I voted early for the first time in my life this week. Still time to make a last minute donation ( Remember, music, art, film, books or anyone with a voice or a pen can change the world. Thank you for your love & support Albright aka Viv & Chris