Little pink houses for you and me..

IMG00344-20110910-1630small.jpg (All the houses in Nantucket look like this one..) Hey there good people! So there I was yesterday in another airport ;-) On my way to a gig in Nantucket, if you're overseas and unfamiliar, it's a little island in Massachusetts. This state is known for it's quant little islands, all very rustic and romantic. I'm doing a wedding for the family of Susan Tedeschi, an amazing blues singer, if you don't know her, look for her music on iTunes. Maybe she'll sit in on a tune, that would be awesome.. And it'll be nice to see the scenery for a day. A sweetheart girlfriend of mine (Hey Jill), who works at Jet Blue hooked me up with a free ticket, so I'm all set. Just found out my flight is delayed, so I've got time to roam the new and improved JFK Airport, it's quite impressive. The design is very streamlined so you don't have to wait in lots of long lines and, some of it is set up so you go straight thru security directly to your gate, lots of cute shops and restaurants, etc. And of course Jet Blue has become so large that they have their own terminal. I had a room at a bed and breakfast which I LOVED. Hubby and I have been talking about a vacay in the fall, now I'm thinking it would be quite lovely to do a bed and breakfast tour up the east coast for a week or two. Lots of them have fabulous restaurants, and if you go in the fall, the discounts would be great, but knowing my boy, he will want to go to the sunshine. He is a true boy of summer, you know, the ones who start wearing shorts in May? He would try for flip-flops if I didn't catch him at the door. Although fall is my favorite season, and I really do love the fall with all of it's colours and smells and textures, the sweaters and tweed blazers coming out, it's so special.. but this year, I'm really sad to see summer go.. It's taken many years but in the last few years or so, I've really come to love the summer too, and have become more in tune with the whole timing and pacing of life and it's seasons.. Planting and growing and blooming and dying and rebirth. Maybe it's because last winter jut seemed to go on and on forever. It's just feels like life shouldn't be that hard, shoveling feet and feet of snow in the freezing cold. Maybe it's because this summer seemed really short with all the rain, I dont know. I just know I crave more sunshine... So maybe Chris has the right idea.. Anyways, lots of you have been asking about the live show, and of course I should have written before now, BUT here's an update. The show is postponed until the first week of October, so sorry to disappoint you guys, I really am, but it was just impossible to get all the people I wanted to be involved with everyone's schedule being so hectic, so I thought moving the date back a few weeks might be a good idea, but don't fret, it is STILL going to happen the first week of October and of course I'll post it everywhere and keep you all in the loop. I really want it to be special, so hang tight. If you're waiting for part 3 of my last blog, I will post that next week, in the meantime enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your loved ones, ENJOY LIFE! Love to the families of the victims of 9/11. PS here's a little something from the show, enjoy! Love, Vivian