i want...

WANT.. i want -my god given right to choose who represents me

i want my god given right to live the life i call free
i dont want to see any more naked black women on b/e/t
i want black men to stop talking about how they don't respect me
why should we let anyone tell us who we are
only we know who we are and can be
i will say these words til I'm dying 'cause i wont stop, i cant stop-til you hear me

people have lived and died so we can stand and walk tall
feared for own their lives but somehow they kept going.. strong
do we feel we owe nothing to them but to dress fly & party on and on?

i am so sick and tired of us living as though we are invisible
look at the life of the man who fought & lived from day to day
trying to figure out how to lead his people to the promised land, the PROMISED LAND
leaving behind his young wife and children wrapped up in our pain and suffering (the world of the living)
how do we repay him for all that he gained?
by grown women clappin their asses and grown men refusing to take stances
maybe this is a necessary ill
maybe we are just letting off steam but i can't see how this is the answer people, this can not be the way

i'm talking to our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers i'm talking to our children
i'm talking about - black pride where is it? by any means necessary, when necessary
by peaceful means when we can
i'm asking if we think we are past fighting for our civil rights as though the movement has ended
when in fact it has only (truly) just begun
if our leaders of yesterday were here today, we would have marched to new orleans
BUT FIRST, we would have marched after the 2 bush elections

are we not tired of being taken for granted in voting fraud scandals
and by pop personalities who speak so cavalierly of lynching and nappy headed hoe's?
of students who hang nooses from trees for sport, cops who maim and murder in the name of the law..
irate comedians who resort to racial slurs and epithets in a moment of panic and loss of self control, calling people nigger.. nigga? please you know what? i hereby refuse to call another black person nigga

in my dreams i see an image of a sleek black cat and in her resides the spirit of nefertiti
like an angel she comes to me and softly chides "you were not sent here to simply just.. be, but to fight, raise hell and rebel for that which you believe

things haven't really changed for people like you and me
young men sent to fight for a country that would rather see them die than educate their minds
young women raising families without fathers is another sign of our times

we have the highest rate of aids, but are the ones who can least afford to see a dr
we shop the most yet own the least
1 out of 9 black men is in prison..
but none of that will stop me from trying to make YOU // hear ME.. or rather, it is the very reason

why should we be so familiar with defeat?
i want -my god given right to be protected by the police
i want my god given right to have honest and fair representation by my govenrment
i -want -my -for -ty -ac -res -and -a -mule don't you?

we live in a land where we can still encounter racism every day
yet so few speak for us in a way that is not sensational but instead rational and with intellect and poise
we forget that this fight is not over
that the revolution MUST GO ON
but this time the revolution WILL be televised

our heroes are dying or else they are slandered, ridiculed, and brought down before our very eyes
yet we stand unmoved, unphased and unprepared
the elders of our tribe disappear before us as our last line of defense
but it is easier to build a monument than to start a movement

there is a pain in my heart that is hard to describe
it is not unlike the feeling you get when love has betrayed you
except it is a country that has failed me, failed all of us..
so i guess you could call it heartbreak
it will begin with me


let the movement begin


the time is now to take a stand..