Albright News - Goodbye to 2008

I really have to stop letting so much time go by between updates but you know how it is, the Christmas tree, the presents, my birthday, yada yada.. So I haven’t spoken to you guys since our new president got elected!! Is anybody going to DC for the Inauguration? Boy, I’m really thinking about it and trying to figure out how I can finagle my way in there. I’m talking tap dancing, singing for free, WHATEVER! Y’all feel me? Lol.. Seriously though, I cried, I laughed, I screamed and yelled!! I called everybody I could and tried to feel the love in the states through family friends ‘cause I was overseas and was so bummed to be missing all the excitement!! What an amazing time in history.. Anyhoo, Viv here with latest Albright news.. Gig Alert.. That’s right, we’re doing a show next Tuesday, December 23rd at 8pm (the day before Christmas Eve), AND it’ll be our last show.. EVER.. so come out and hang with us next Tuesday at The Bitter End and find out what all the fuss is about! The Albright Farewell Christmas Show.. With very special guest ROGIERS, and hosted by K.Lamonte! Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 at The Bitter End - 8pm 147 Bleecker Street (Bet'n LaGuardia & Thompson) New York NY 10012 212.673.7030 Price: $12.00 Featuring: Ainsley Taylor/drums Sherrod Barnes/guitar Bahnamous Bowie/keys Mike Hammond/vox Carlos Ricketts/vox & of course Chris Parks on bass and Vivian Sessoms on lead vocals.. It’s Official.. I’m hard at work on my next release, actually, I’m about a third of the way through and working on the artwork and what have you.. Can’t say when the release will be yet, ‘cause you know how these things go, everything’s fine ‘til you start trying to predict what’s going to happen and then nothing you say comes true, so I’ll just keep you guys posted but things are looking good. AND.. Chris is working on his own release too! The only thing we do know, is that his release will probably be ready before mine ‘cause he's very close to being done. It will probably be a digital release only with some remixes on vinyl (keeping it oldskool).. We’ll keep you posted on that as well. Also.. Chris is either in or about to go into the studio with Finnish pop artist Janita, Twilite Tone (Common), U-God (Wu-Tang), Ra Re Valverde, Sherrod Barnes (Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston), and Jeff Kashiwa (jazz artist).. so he’s keeping extra busy. And.. I’m back on the P!nk tour in March so if you see us coming thru your town, hit me up on Myspace or Facebook and gimme a holla. Or sign up to our Twitter feed ( and follow my escapades on the P!nk tour.. There’s so much other exciting stuff stuff going on, lots of which is still in the works, but of course, as soon as it’s ready we’ll hit you guys with it first, just like we always do! Just wanna’ take a minute to say an end of the year thank you to a few people who have been tremendously supportive to us this past year.. -Kevin Harewood of Edclectic Entertainment, who’s basically been acting as a silent manager to both Chris and myself in the last year, and always has a minute to listen or help analyze what we could and should be doing.. -Our tireless attorney Brett Green, who advises us so well and truly fights the good fight on our behalf.. -Our PR person Katrina Boswell at Katwalk Media, who talks about us to absolutely anyone who will listen.. -Tom Paul, the one man information network and audiophile, for his wonderful support and for always helping us to get the word out.. -My sister Jenny, whom I adore and who literally carries our cd’s around in her pocketbook and gives them to anyone she thinks will dig us.. -Joe Riley of Kitchen Sofa.Inc, who constantly advertises for us and shouts us out on his monthly blog - joelands 20 questions (which incidentally is funny as hell and is also chock full of great information, both useful and interesting.. check him out at -Kateria Niambi, who is both brilliant and a born PR person though she insists on wasting time doing everything but what she was born to do.. as a career, that is.. But is always there when we ask for or need her help.. -And to all of you.. for coming out, writing in, keeping up with us, and for supporting independent music.. we thank you! This is going to be a crazy year in light of all the events that have taken place in the last few months with this economy, but let’s hold onto one another and remember to reach out when we can to whomever we can and remind each other to keep our heads and keep our faith in tact. Remember, we’ve elected the right man for the job.. Thank you for listening.. Merry Christmas Viv & Chris