A New Year..

Hey guys, Viv here with lots of news. Honestly, I have so much to tell you, I don't know where to begin! Whew.. Ok let's start with our last gig at Rockwood Music Hall. I know, i know..I shoulda posted this weeks ago. It was beautiful..acoustic music is something I really love doing, I really do. The intimacy, being able to be heard so clearly, every word, every little breath. Songs seem to take on a new life performed that way and it's funny how well certain songs lend themselves to that setting. A big thanks to the guys over at Rockwood, Ken & Tommy and to you guys, we had a nice crowd that evening. I had Chris Parks on acoustic guitar & electric bass and Sherrod Barnes on acoustic & electric guitar that evening with my good friend Noam Dworman sitting in on 1 song. You know, I never thought people cared about this stuff but a lot of people write in and ask me what the setlist was so I'll try to remember from time to time to list it here. The setlist for that evening was as follows: 1.sundown (title track of our new cd) 2.hair of the dog (mike viola) 3.brighter than sunshine (aqualung) 4.holdin' on (ours) 5.what have I done (ours aka vivid) 6.dreamin with a broken heart (john mayer) 7.unwell (rob thomas) 8.don't go (ours) 9.here comes the sun (beatles) 10.heart (ours) We threw in a lot of covers 'cause there's just so much great music out there now and it seems like acoustic music in particular is on a steady rise lately. (check out the sirius radio station 'coffehouse') Check out a couple of pics from Rockwood below.. After Rockwoods, I dashed up to the Sugar Bar and did backing vox for Black-i, our drummers band and we had a BALL, in fact we had such a good time that Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson stopped in and wound up staying for the whole show. It's so fun playing with Black-i 'cause they're sooo funky, I told you about them already but if you don't rememeber, check out their site www.black-i.com. Imagine Prince x Sly Stone, add in fresh & new and there you have it, BLACK I. Check out a few pics from the Black-i show below with Chris Fischer, Mike Griot, Teddy Crockett, Eric Brown (whom you can't see) & me.. After that (told you I had a lot to tell you), me & the crew headed back downtown to the Bluenote to see Stokley of Mint Condition perform with Chris Dave, Sheddrick Mitchell, & Derrick Hodge where he proceeded to kick ass and believe me when I tell you he killed it!!! Every singer worth their measure was in the house to see Stokley!! It was a packed house. Check out a couple pics from the evening below, the 1st one is of Queen Aaminah, Stokley & myself and the 2nd is of Melonie Daniels, Queen Aaminah, Camiile Gaynor & me.. Ok, so I know I haven't been the best at keeping this blog up to date but since we're not gonna do any shows for a while, we're gonna keep you guys updated on all the happenings with us right here, so check in often. Next entry: 'The Sundown Recordings'. Peace&love