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Hellow vivan,i just want to say that iam so Proud of you,and so,so,happy for you.Iam just Discovering your fame,it brought tears from My eyes.l knew that you could do it,i allways Thought you would make it in your singing Career.Mom sends her love,God Bless you & Your family. 9/5/16
Thank you for a fantastic consert in Hemnesberget Saturday night
The lady sings, with so much soul & versatility, I'm so proud of her & so glad she's fulfilling her dreams. God grants us the desire's of heart. Much success & prosperity Viv, keep on signing songs that enlighten our hearts, and inspire our well being.
Greetings Vivian, I am trusting all is well with you and yours. I got a chance to check out your web page, and catch-up on all of the wonderful things you have been doing as a truly, brilliant, talented and passionate, Artist of music and song. Vivian, It's just so good to see that, you're still holding it down and doing your thing, in your own unique, Vivian Sessoms style, (Always with, Grace, Elegance, Class and Integrity.)! As you continue to build your legacy, I wish you well in all that you do. I look forward to seeing you perform again, so, please keep me posted on your up coming events! Your Web site is smoking! I hope to talk to you soon, Vivian! May you always be forever Blessed ~ Carolyn Adams P.S. Please check your Facebook message In-box, when you get a chance
BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. Kudos to you Vivian! I saw you perform in Marcus Garvey Park yesterday and you were great. When they first said your name I was surprised because I remember you from Resurrection; your voice was melodic way back then. Wishing you continued succes in your musical journey. Peace & Blessings, Inez
I look forward to seeing your performances in 2013. Happy New Year.
Keep posted on your projects and tour dates!!!
Hi! Many Greetings from Germany!
Hello Vivian, I feel like I have missed years of experiencing your voice. Last night, I heard "Love Can Turn You Around" on ProjectVibe and had to hear more. I found Sunny One Day on Amazon and purchased it. I also checked out your performances on Youtube and now I am a true fan of yours. I joined the email list and all my friends will know about Vivian Sessoms. I can't wait to hear what you come with this year!! Blessings....
Hey Vivian; So happy to see that you're not still "pursuing the dream", but have actually turned that dream into a reality. Do you have any Atlanta gigs coming uo? Let me know. I'd love to see you perform. Gerald 770-837-1291
I am so deeply PROUD of you and Chris that....wellll you know luv ya ...Greg.....
Hi Vivian, Love your voice!! You are amazing! Are you interested in doing some gigs in NYC? Let me know. www.jerrykravat.com - Looking forward to hearing from you. Jon
hey vivian! i am your fan since cafe wha, back at 1992 or 1993 don't really remember... when you where singing whith noam and elan and mike. i even have a couple of pictures that i tooke.(sorry, english id not my lenguish i speak hebrew...) was nice knowing that you are successfull. have fun and keep your sweet and great voice!
Looking forward to the new music from Albright!
Love and respect for you.... from my soul!!! Hope see you all crew and P in my country:)Miss ya' all:)
Hi I have not heard from you in a while I sincerly hope and pray all of your Dreams come True and stay strong love ya Greg.
Keep posted on your projects and tour dates!!!
Nice Thank you site cool Thank you
Hello I loved the topic. Hats off to your blog. Bye
Heard you on WBAI last week. Do you have a tape of that session? What's the easiest way to get your music. Are you gigging in NJ any time soon? Thanks!
Hi Vivian, I just listened to and downloaded some of the songs off our album, "Sunny One Day". I think it's an excellent people of work. I especially loved "Heroin" and "Love Can Turn You Around", Thanks for e-mailing me and giving me you website. Sorry I wasn't able to make you show on the 23rd. Maybe whenever you perform in one of the clubs in NY I'll be able to attend. Take care and thanks, again, for sending me the e-mail.
Hello, Ms. Vivian, We met a long time ago, once when Michael Davis, and Toni Smoth were singing in a group woth you, with Larry Robinson on Keys. I too, am a vocalist, and at that time, I was doing some vocals w/various local artists who went on to do big things. I have recalled your unique musical abilities on a number of occasions. You are brilliant, and I can't wait to see you come out from the shadows and shine like the bright, wonderful star you are! Keep on workin' girl! Build your castle, Vivian.... Much love, happiness, and success.... Taleta
You ran across my mind. Hope life is being kind to you today. I'm waitin' with baited ears to catch the cd release party. Please keep me in the loop!
Wonderful mamasita, I chose Dunno. I simply love love has come around. And I'm looking fwd to your new performance and Cd. Your voice and texture is so smokey,sexxy sassy...the 3 S's :-) Love u..tell Chris I said hay.. Peace n love http://www.karenbernod.com/ http://www.myspace.com/karenbernod
Hi, I have just ordered your new cd and wishing you and Chris the BEST!!!!!!!!Love ya Greg
Vivian, I remember you when you were just a little lady of about 6-7 years old with an awesome voice. You were a beautiful little girl then and have developed into a beautiful young woman with a fantastic voice. You have a wonderful spirit, I have no doubt that you are about to venture into your own success and everyone will know the name "Vivian". I think about you often, you were meant for wonderful things to happen to you. My love to you. Leslie
Mo and Flo told me to look at this site. Its OUTSTANDING!!!!! Congrats to you guys. Glad all is well. All I can really say is WOW!!!
Hey Viv: I'm a little late but I just wanted to shout out and co-sign on how you, Chris and the band are so totally AWESOME!!! You gave a great performance and I enjoyed myself in abundance. I'm glad I was able to be there to support you guys. Alright, keep on keepin on!! Take care and be safe. peace and love
AWESOME performance!!!!!!!!!! Be safe. Hugs & kisses. ;-)
Hey Viv, Your show was incredibly musical. The songs were great and played extremely tastefully . Starting with the kick drum, and once Chris came in it was over. You of course sang your ass off, showing that range and passion. thx again, I had a great time, Safe travels.
Saw you covering Hopeless on Youtube. It sounded so good and brought back some memories of 1997 and 2005. I never thought I would see someone cover that tune because of how different it is. I am a keyboard player in Upstate NY and I love your band. You sing it so well. Good luck and big up!
Vivian! I found a link to your website! Your voice, music and compositions sound fantastic!! I do wish you all the best and blessings for the future! And have a nice tour in Denmark w. Mads in October. Best, Morten Ramsboel (former bassplayer in Mads Bærentzen Trio)
Hey Viv, Your show was incredibly musical. The songs were great and played extremely tastefully . Starting with the kick drum, and once Chris came in it was over. You of course sang your ass off, showing that range and passion. thx again, I had a great time, Safe travels , GF
Now soulful lady you KNOW! that you are some kinda bad! I really enjoyed watching your work last night. Lovin' the cd is on the ipod now. Have a great tour w/Pink.
Hi Vivian, You probably don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Noam’s. I want you to know how much I loved your performance two Thursday’s ago (my friend Gary felt the same way). I came in from Boulder, CO to work in the city and I always come to the Underground. I’ve seen you sing before, but have never seen a number of sets. You really impressed me and connected. I’ve seen 20 divas at the Wha and on Noam’s stage at the Underground over the past 6 years, but you are clearly my favorite. The Sheryl Crow song was elegant and vulnerable. You belted the “power” songs with the best of them. You’re the only singer I’ve seen with Noam that can “scream” and hit the high stuff in such a friendly register, yet overpower with the same smooth delivery. You’re also a pleasure to watch! I’m going to book all my business trips to NYC for Wed/Thur so I can see Union and then see you with Noam’s band (and of course Noam J). Thanks for the great entertainment. Best, Steve
you are my hero!, when i grow up i wanna be just like you...ok,enough of the brown nosin..send me some tracks to write to
hey vivian, thanks for the newest blog on myspace and for pointing to your blogs on this website. i just realized i wasn't here in AGES! sounds like you're having much fun with everything you do. :) that's so great!! take care xoxo
thanks for the updates!! love hearing the news! thats so cool about Amos Lee! Looking forward to the new album! = ) thanks for always lettung us know whats going on Viv! glad you to hear youre doing well!! = ) see you soon!
Thank you for taking the time out to sign my guest book. I had to return the favor. Maybe someday we will have an opportunity to work together. Have a blessed New Year peace rp.
Hey Viv and Chris..I wish upon you a Blessed and Prosperous New Year 2007 and beyond!! You guys are looking good, your sound is tight and this your site is awesome!! Keep up the good work and if you keep me posted and I am able, I promise "I"LL BE TJHERE". Peace and Love in abundance,
It's been great working with you this week. looking forward to tonight! Love the sight. Chip says hi. Peace & Love, John James
Sorry it took me so long to write this. I'm such a fan!!! Love your voice Viv and love your music. You and Chris are so good together and the show at the Cutting Room was so much fun! I can't wait to hear you again.
Hey lady! Just dropping buy to say hello! Thank you for the kind words to Alyssa. Our talks got me through some of those rough moments. How was the show? Can't wait to hear all about it! Luv and Hugs
Viv, and Chris hey Chris, even though we didnt meet it was still good to see you with Viv on stage at Rockwood back on Nov 2nd!! real treat for me! Viv, I MISS YOU! ;) just stopped in to say hi, and that i need to send you a lot of pictures. the video is gone though. = ( i didnt know when i transfered everything to disc at Duane Read that it didnt include the video. i was sad... hope to see you again soon!! LOVE! Ashley
Hey Viv, Just touching base. I believe you were out and about with a number of special people a couple of Fridays ago and dropped into the cupping room. Hope you had fun, next time maybe you could do a set lol Hope all is joy Miss you hugely ttys hugs, laughter, love and bliss Sussan :)
Hello Vivian, God Bless You....I was in your six grade class (Judy Evans was our teacher at PS 92 in Harlem). I was watching the WIZ on VH1 and the part where Diana Ross sung 'Believe in Yourself' and 'When I think of home'. My mind immediately went on you...you were indeed a small little thing and oh my God you could you sing. So I Googled you and found you....any way God Bless and Believe.......Pease, Wyatt Robinson from PS92
Vivian Sessoms is one soulful singer! I have been a big fan of her work since her nights at the Cafe Wha? in NYC. Keep on with the keepin on!
Wow! lovin the new look of the site, and the pics in color, too!! hopefully i'll have some to submit in about a week! ;) see you soon!!
Hello Vivian: Girl, I am feeling those new pictures of you and Chris. You look both beautiful and elegant. You go girl!
Nice Web page! I am looking forward to see you!
Hey Vivian, it was so great to get to see you and Noam play on Thursday. I'm so sorry I had to leave but I had to get up early to work the next morning. That band is sooo ridiculous, wow. I am definitely coming back out and bringing some ppl with me next time. You sounded beautiful as always, esp. on that John Mayer tune; and you rocked the percussion too! See you soon! -Dani
Hey Vivian: I had both the privilege and the honor of hearing you perform October 3rd at the Jazz Standard and suffice it to say, your performance blew me away, especially your spin of "Tenderly". (Girl, I am getting goose bumps just thinking about it). I so look forward to your next performance. Please keep me in the loop for I promise to be your next "groupie". Much love and continued success. Forever a fan, Sara
Hey Vivian, you sounded beautiful last night, I'm so glad I made it. I loved the arrangements esp. the reharm of the Rob Thomas song and the arrangement of "Tenderly". I'm going to come to your show @ the Underground soon, I can't wait to hear you again! All the very best, Dani
hey Vivian, remember me? Christine Capdeville? I came acros this site as I was checking the schedule at Jazz Standard. Can't believe I missed you last night! I would have loved to see you perform your new songs.... I love your new tracks!!it's been a while and I am glad to see you're doing well. I am actually working on a new project and I'd like to talk to you about it! call me at 646.526.3033 peace, christine
lovin the new look!!
Viv! Sorry I missed you when you were in Portland. I was travelling, and came back to many notes on my desk telling me I just missed you.
Looking forward to catching a live show. I always new the house had lots of talent. You can tell by how the garden grows. Best wishes from Brooklyn.
Hey Viv! Just stopping by again and finally leaving a comment!! Really diggin the tunes, and doin what I can to promote!! I'll keep doin it until all the shows are to capacity!! you rock!!! Love! Ashley
Hi Vivian! I hope you enjoyed the Book of Love given towards the end of the RT tour. It was a few months in the making, but was a labor of love! Thanks for some awesome shows! Will be looking forward to the new Albright CD release!!
Hey Viv! So you had a fabulous show without me. That's OK I was there in spirit! I did see pics and you looked like you were having a blast! Much Luv to you Viv!
Congrats! Great site...I am looking forward to hearing more from ALBRIGHT! :)
Typical Sessoms/Parks' matierial - creative, groovin', unique !! Miss U guys. Come visit me in AZ !!
Hey Sis, Love the website! You look Fab-U-Lous! See you on the 27th where you shall proceed to bring the house down!!! Can't wait! Luv Ya!
You may not know me, but I've heard so much about you from my dad. He said that you've toured with the best in music. I live in Virginia. By the way, my dad's name is Gregory Fox. I would like to meet you one day. You're very pretty and I hope to hear from you soon!
I just love your new web site and also I,m so very very PROUD of you may God keep you strong and safe You have a gift that is only designed for you so Prosper my Sister and keep on with the come on and I hope to see you soon Love ya Greg
Afternoone Viv! You I still like this one better!
Hey Darling, Sorry I'm so late to sign in your guestbook , but you know me....lol When ya coming back? You know your homie misses ya. Thanks again for the shoutout regarding SOB's showcase.. You did a fantastic job, and you looked marvelous... I've heard nothing but good things about that performance... Love the site and the great pics too.. Much success to you in all that you may do in the future, and can't wait to for you to get back in town. Peace and blessings always, Love ya, Michael C.
Hey Viv, The site is awesome. Well done flows well and so easy to navigate good job to your webmaster. Hope the tour is still rocking and you all are having too much fun admist the hard work. Miss you all down here so come back soon Hugs and laughter Suss :)
WOW! I really like this site! It's been great talking to you and finally getting to meet you. See you on the road soon Miz Viv!
Hi Vivian! The site is great, the songs are too! Congrats! Sorry I missed the show but will hopefully see you out on the road with Rt. Good luck with everything:-)
Viv, YOU DID YOUR THING LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! you looked beautiful, the band was tight, and you came across nice and relaxed on stage. the first song was good, BUT that second song is a HIT, and you sung your ass off. you did a run in that song that me and George and some brutha on my other side who i didn't even know say "damn that woman is sanging" as they say down south. well.. that's my two cent worth, keep up the good work , i was proud of you. NOW GET THAT DAMN CD FINISHED! lol lata, C
This is the best music site I've seen